Welcome to my page ! I have created this webpage for all those people  who are interested in Tibetan art and culture.I would like to convey some of the viewpoints of the buddhist philosophy(one can divide buddhism into three parts-buddhist philosophy,religion and buddhist science)which I think is quite relevant and helpful to every human being. The paintings on this site are painted by tibetan artists based here.

I am a  devotee of Gesar(the king of Lingtsang,Tibet) and hence I've dedicated this page to him.Gesar was an enlightened being sent by  Guru Rinpoche(buddha of the three times) for the welfare of mankind.He was born in Lingtsang,Kham(Eastern Tibet)and ruled over Tibet during the eleventh century.The two hundred volumes of the largest epic of the world is based on the poems sung by bards, who enter in trance to reveal the legendary life of this great warrior king.

I hope that you enjoy being here,and maybe even learn something worth remembering!Thank you so much for visiting my page.



  May all beings be happy and have the causes    of happiness;

  May all beings be free from suffering and the   causes of suffering;

  May all beings never be separated from the      great joy beyond suffering;

  May they always remain in the great             equanimity beyond attachment or aversion.


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